A 53-year-old mom from Manchester faces multiple charges led by aggravated manslaughter in the death of her disabled daughter.

Joyce Wilson (Ocean County Prosecutor's Office)

Janet D. Wilson was also charged by the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office with desecrating human remains and neglect of a disabled adult in the probe of the death of Rebecca Wilson, 32.

She was tracked down in Reno, Nevada on June 16 and confronted by Manchester and county investigators four days later in a motel.

The younger woman's decomposing body was found in a Fox Street dwelling in the township's Pine Ridge section on May 30. Township police had responded to a report of a foul older emerging from the house.

The following day, according to details from Prosecutor Joseph Coronato's office, a search warrant was issued. Conditions in the home led investigating agencies to declare it unfit for human occupancy.

On June 20, the same day that detectives accosted Wilson in Reno, a Social Security Administration agent informed them that no notice of Rebecca Wilson's death had been received, and that her disability checks were still being issued.

Investigators determined that $600 had been transferred from the dead woman's account to Janet Wilson's bank account as recently as June 17.

Wilson will have her first court appearance July 8 in Ocean County Superior Court in Toms River.