That Old Blanket Soaks Up All My Fears and Frustrations ~ Linus


So eventually our weather is going to turn colder, this weekend for example it'll get chillier, and maybe you are like me and enjoy a cozy blanket at home to relax with. We like to keep our house colder .... in both the Summer and Winter, so it's all about the blankets. Recently we picked up a couple of completely comfy blankets. The best way to describe these would be that they are kinda like fleece, but perfect for a cold night snuggling at home.

Here are some comforts of home that you may love .....

  • Favorite Chair
  • Favorite Slippers
  • Favorite Robe
  • Favorite Pillow
  • Favorite Blanket

So today we are talking about your "comforts"  .... we all have a favorite chair, pillow, slippers, robe, etc at home, Whats your "home comforts"  ?

By the way perfect "blanket" weather this weekend with overnight temps in the 30's and possible frost in our area ... so snuggle up!