A Year Later, We Continue To Rebuild Here at the Jersey Shore

I remember feeling so isolated without communications and power  ~ Anonymous

Flashback ... It was over 24 hours away from home and nearly 24 hours on the air. I was leaving our Bayville Studios , making my way to the Garden State Parkway to head home. As I drove through neighborhoods in Lacey Township I noticed so many trees down and no traffic . The "calm" after the storm, that time when everyone was still in shock and almost intimidated to go out and really see the true damage Superstorm Sandy had left behind. These neighborhoods were not near water, so here I saw a lot if wind and debris damage...especially the trees.

As I pulled into my neighborhood , Southern Ocean County - Little Egg Harbor, I saw people. Neighbors just walking, walking around the neighborhood looking at the damage. Once again there were trees, trees everywhere. Debris throughout the area. Boats from the local marina thrown about like toy boats and water! Water everywhere , streets cut off. Cars turning around because they couldn't drive through the water. A large tree from my front yard was laying across my yard and resting on the front of my home, landing on the roof. This was what I saw within about 5 minutes of being home. The first thought I had was how lucky we were! No one was injured and our home was in good shape.

The whole time we were on the air I was communicating back and forth with home, when cell service wasn't interrupted, My Wife, Son and Daughter keeping and eye on everything. There was one point where it looked like water from the Bay might overtake our home....but thank goodness it did not. Not a day has gone by this year as I drive through my neighborhood that I don't reflect on just how lucky we were to have escaped Sandy without major damage!  The water stopped just inches from our home and for this I cannot complain about any of life's little issues for at least a good 40-50 years!

Flash Foward .... I still drive though my neighborhood a year later and see temporary housing, home renovations and reconstruction .... still a long way from being done. So please keep our neighbors who are still rebuilding in your prayers. There has been a lot of rebuilding done and for many a new start, which is great.

Join us Tuesday Night ( 10/29 ) for our Superstorm Sandy "Vigil" which we are Entitling "Light Up New Jersey" Join us in South Seaside Park at Chefs Mike's ABG Restaurant at 6 PM .... The event is FREE and open to the public, Join Us!