Senate candidate Steve Lonegan is filing a lawsuit today against the city of Newark for its failure to release the expenses records of his opponent, Mayor Cory Booker.

Special Senate Election candidates Democrat Cory Booker (L) and Republican Steve Lonegan (Facebook)

Lonegan will announce his suit on the steps of Newark City Hall with his attorney regarding the the city's failure to release the information the Open Public Records Act.

Booker does not have a city-issued credit card and has never filed for reimbursements during his time in office James Allen, a city spokesman tells the Stat Ledger.

Lonegan's campaign in an earlier press release said they filed the OPRA request on July 31 and the ciity had 30 days to respond.

“I don’t know what they’re hiding, but it must be pretty bad. It has been a month, and these expense reports should have been prepared and readily available before our request was sent. Did the mayor use city funds or resources to travel to his old law firm to discuss his compensation for funneling that law firm city contracts? Or did he use city resources in building his start-up company, Waywire? Until the reports are made public, we simply don’t know," said Lonegan earlier of the failure to produce any recorderg

Booker and Lonegan are running in a Special Senate Election called to fill the U.S. Senate seat created by the death of Frank Lautenberg on October 15.