If you've been out and about in Wildwood and Cape May over the last week or two and have noticed camera crews around town, get ready for your close-up.

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The folks over at Wildwood Video Archive have done some detective work and discovered that an Indie flick is currently being shot in those parts of South Jersey. Reportedly, the camera crews have been spotted on the beach in Wildwood and even at the Douglass Fudge Pavilion on the boardwalk. The film's called 'Come What May' and will follow the life of a discharged soldier living in Cape May.

Apparently, the team is in the beginning stages of production since the current filming taking place is for some test shoots. However, before too long, the whole crew will be back in the area to start shooting the full-length feature.

This is the second set of film crews to be seen in this part of our region. People for M. Night Shamylan's latest project were filming in Ocean City. You know what that means, right? Our secret summer paradise may not be so secret anymore. Still, it's always cool when this area gets some recognition.

Wildwood Video Archive says the whole production team for 'Come What May' is expected to be back in the early months of 2022 to begin work on the full project. Be sure to keep checking back for the most up-to-date information on shooting schedules and location details.

Who knows? Maybe, they'll be looking for extras once they return next winter. Hello, Hollywood!

Source: WildwoodVideoArchive.com


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