Republicans — Democrats — and oh, what is that third one that everyone is always talking about? 


An Ocean County man is making a name for himself after confronting the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders this week demanding answers on why they decided to seemingly ask voters to vote no on a ballot question this November that would allow for the recreational use of marijuana in New Jersey. 

Jesse Ehrnstorm, 27, of Tuckerton, is a supervisor at Lidl in Lacey. He is also a Libertarian candidate aiming at unseating former Democrat and now Republican representative Jeff Van Drew in New Jersey Second Congressional District that encompasses Atlantic County and portions of southern Ocean County. 

Ehrnstorm's campaign eludes that decriminalizing marijuana is a critical objective in the fight for the seat, "to decentralize America by reducing the power the federal government holds over each state and increasing the amount of power municipalities hold over themselves, to drastically reduce military spending while maintaining a strong defense, to drastically defund all federal law enforcement, and to decriminalize victimless crimes." 

"The Ocean County Health Department is ready to attack this [the war on drugs] as a public health issue instead of a criminal issue. The [Ocean County] prosecutor's office is ready to attack this as a public health issue instead of a criminal issue," Ehrnstorm told Ocean County Freeholders.

Ehrnstorm grilled Freeholders on their recent resolution to condemn marijuana legalization in the state of New Jersey, while also acknowledging that a resolution isn't significant: 

"What I really don't understand — is if they're on board with ending the war on drugs — the only people standing in the way is the government. You say that this isn't anything — it's just a resolution — yes, that's true, but you know how much influence your voice has…"

Ehrnstorm then rhetorically questioned the Freeholders by asking what Ocean County is doing to solve the drug epidemic, "Every single year — there are more and more overdoses!" 

"You don't care about the people," he said while referencing Freeholders allegedly not standing up against alcoholism. 

"Ocean County is asleep — they keep electing you jokers in any way," he concluded before walking away on the microphone. 

Towns and municipalities in Ocean County have been dealing with the drug epidemic for some time now; notably, overdoses from heroin are common. The county has hosted multiple town halls, programs and implemented training for emergency personnel over the last few years. 

How will you vote on recreational marijuana in November? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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