Well isn't this a unique activity to try with the kids!?

A co-worker of mine -- his name is Kevin Butch -- told me about something that he tried with his kids over the weekend that caught my attention.

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Ever been out to the Poconos?

This cute little town is only about a two hour drive heading north and west from the Jersey Shore and the traffic usually isn't awful at all because you avoid bridges to go into the city. (I also haven't taken this drive in a bit so don't quote me on it)

Well in Bushkill Falls in the Poconos, you can try "Mining for Gemstones," and here is how it works.

Kevin Butch
Kevin Butch

For just $15.00, your kid will be given a bag filled with sediment, silt, other minerals and of course...GEMSTONES

According to TheNationsVacation.com, kids will get to pretend to be a miner for the day and will, "learn the proper techniques it takes to find gemstones in a stream of silt and sediment from the Pocono mountains."

You will also be given a sluice, which according to VisitBushKillFalls.com, "is a trough with circulating water." 

Kevin Butch
Kevin Butch

So your job, should you choose to accept it, is to find all of the gemstones in your kit and then use the Nature Book that is included so you know what kind of gems you have!

And this part is cool: you get to take whatever gemstones you find HOME!

Now I am going to imagine a 7-year-old kid isn't exactly thinking about house décor but  gemstones usually add a nice touch. I've seen people use them as an accent on desks or coffee tables, a center piece on a kitchen table table or even placed around a vase of flowers.

For more information on this cool attraction or to purchase tickets, head to VisitBushkillFalls.com.

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