When the pandemic began I loved taking a walk and seeing all the rainbows in my neighbors' windows and the chalk art was incredible.

rainbows in ocean county
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

I remember seeing Mom's and Dad's drawing with chalk art rainbows with a hashtag and hope. I want to start a campaign for us to do that again.

It's been a year now since we heard about Covid-19. We are so over it at this point. It's time to come back to the rainbows and #hope. The rainbows meant so much with coming together and we will get through this. I think we need this again. I see some rainbows in windows but nearly as much as I used too.

My town, Bayville, jumped on this and so many towns did  in Ocean County. It was all about a  little positive joy right now. Kids were encouraged to color and draw rainbows and put them in the window in front of their house as people are walking down their street to give them hope as they walk by. Abby and I made our rainbows. It's such an awesome idea. It might not be cool enough for the teenagers, but they'll do it. Bring back the hope. Let's get back to drawing rainbows for 2021.

We remember the family and friends we lost this past year and it's a time to remember their life and appreciate our health. It's a time to thank our heroes, the healthcare workers, and have hope.

I can't wait to see the rainbows once again taking over Ocean County. We STILL got this and we STILL have hope.

Sue Moll
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