LAKEWOOD — The operator of a garbage truck dumped his load onto the street after an electric scooter tossed into the back caught fire.

As the fire spread in the back of the Lakewood municipal truck on Congress Street the operator immediately raised the body of the truck to empty it, creating a huge pile of trash, according to the Lakewood Scoop.

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Electric scooter that set the back of a garbage truck on fire (Lakewood Scoop)

Several pieces of cardboard and the scooter appeared burned.

The truck also hit power lines as it was raised, the Scoop reported.

Electric scooters are driven by small motors that use Lithium batteries, which can overheat and catch fire. Small confined spaces create favorable conditions for a fire to spark.

Lakewood police on Tuesday afternoon did not respond to New Jersey 101.5's request for more information.

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