Prospective jurors in Atlantic County will be able to interact electronically with the courts in a new system starting this month.

"People are using technology for banking, for insurance, for all kinds of things. And the judiciary, as part of society's ever-growing reliance on technology, is expanding it in this area," Administrative Director of the New Jersey Courts Glenn Grant said.

"The system will be communicating with our prospective jurors. First, with a letter-sized paper summons, which will advise them that they can register for jury service electronically. That small postcard will provide them with the information to register electronically. More importantly, it would allow for subsequent communication with the juror electronically, as well."

The new system will enhance email and text communications between jurors and courts, letting them know about court closures and postponed or adjourned trials.

Grant says after the Atlantic County tryout, "our plan is to have this in all 21 counties by the end of this year."

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