It premiered this week ... Apples' new iPhone8, iPhone8 plus and the new IPhoneX

One of the exciting new features is wireless charging, which I'm excited about. The question is how much are you willing to spend on a new iPhone? It's About $700.00 for the new iPhone8's, which is a pretty penny just for a phone. I love my iPhone and need it for work, but I'll probably have to wait for an upgrade. In addition I do not want to "make payments" and add more to what is already a big monthly bill, by getting the new phone. I'm actually paying more for cell phones then for my car! So I think for many simple economics come into play.

The new iPhoneX is going to sell for around $1,000.00 now that's a lot of pretty pennies! This phone is raising some attention because it features "face" recognition instead of the "fingerprint" security .... and many are wondering how this will affect electronics moving forward.

Check out the review of the new iPhones below ...

Will YOU Be Purchasing One of the New iPhones ?



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