If you’ve done some research, New Jersey has some pretty crazy laws that I’m sure you didn’t know existed.

I’ve heard that you can’t eat pickles on a Sunday in Trenton and that it’s illegal in some towns to slurp your soup, but I think I’ve found another law that takes the cake as New Jersey’s most random law.

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was reading online that it’s illegal for residents in Raritan, New Jersey to curse. When I first discovered this, it made me giggle a little because I’m not sure how they can entirely stop people from never swearing in their life or in the comfort of their homes.

I did some more research on the law itself and went down a wormhole. According to hobokengirl.com, it says clear as day that residents of Raritan are not allowed to curse.

It also says that the law was approved by the Raritan council in 1994 that completely bans the use of swear words in public. Crazy right?

If you’re caught using vulgar or offensive language in public while being anywhere in Raritan, you will be subject to a $500 fine, a 90-day jail sentence, or in some cases, both!

I’ve seen many posts about weird New Jersey laws and over time some of them have been overturned. Although this is true for some of the bizarre laws of New Jersey, this law is one that is still practiced in Raritan, NJ!

If you ever find yourself in Raritan which is located in Somerset County, you better watch your mouth like your grandmother’s around or you could face jail time!

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