Pizza isn't just a food on the Jersey Shore; it's practically a way of life. Picture this: sandy beaches, crashing waves, and the amazing scent of cheesy, saucy pizza in the air. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s no denying that a beautiful piece of boardwalk pizza is a must down at the Jersey Shore.

It doesn’t matter if you're grabbing a quick bite after a day of sun-soaked adventures or indulging in a late-night snack after hitting the clubs, pizza is there to satisfy your cravings and just make you feel good.

A brand new pizza shop has just opened in Belmar, New Jersey, and pizza lovers throughout the state have already been saying it could take the cake as the best pizza along the Jersey Shore. Pizzeria Lucci just opened recently in Belmar, New Jersey and the pizza here looks just out of this world, and reviewers online would have to agree!

Usually, when you go down the shore to get a good pizza, you’re looking for a few things. Mainly, the sign of a good slice of pizza around Jersey is that thin, crispy crust.

Sometimes you see shops that try and kake the biggest pies possible so you can walk off with a piece of pizza that’s the size of your head, but the real gold mines are the shops that serve that thin and crispy pizza.

Pizzeria Lucci has a small menu of pies and appetizers, but everything they do there looks absolutely insane. You can try their marinara, plain or white pies as well as add some toppings. If you’re into trying new spots around the Jersey Shore area, you’ll want to get here quickly because once people discover Pizzeria Lucci, the line will be out the door.

Pizzeria Lucci is located at 809 Belmar Plaza in Belmar, New Jersey.

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