We're officially in the full swing of wedding season and I'm sure a lot of brides are looking for the perfect spot for their bachelorette trip.

Almost every girl dreams about her wedding day as a kid and as you get older, you start dreaming about the bachelorette party even more. It's the perfect time to grab all of your best girlfriends and go away for one big trip to celebrate getting married.

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There are so many different routes you could take to make a bachelorette party/trip the best, You could choose a more relaxed rooute and do some more outdoorsy activities if that's what you're into or you could just go out for 3 days clubbing with your friends.

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Whatever it is, it's one of the best parts of the wedding process. If you're looking for some inspiration, the famous wedding planning website called 'The Knot' has made a. list of the best bachelorette party destinations for any type of celebration, and one Pennsylvania city made the list! Can you guess which one?

Philadelphia, PA Named One Of The Best Bachelorette Party Destinations

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Looking for a trip that will give you the bst of all worlds? Look no further than Philadelphia.

'A popular bachelorette psrty destination in the US, the City of Brothrly Love offers everything from history lessoons and a reputable art scene to luxary shoopping and award-winning rstaurants.' - The Knot

If you're looking for a relaxed shopping and dinner date with your friends the first night and a wild club night the second, you could get those both accomplished if you stay in Philadelphia. There are so many wholesome activities to explore and fun nights to be made here.

Check the full list, here!

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