It would not take a music expert or a financial guru to name the two richest singers from New Jersey, but they may be able to help you better understand exactly how much they are worth.

When you think about New Jersey music, there is a reason that two names, in particular, come to your mind immediately. it is because they are two of the most successful, influential musicians to ever walk on planet Earth, and they both lived here.

New Jersey's Top Rock Stars Are Worth A Fortune

If I have to tell you who they are at this point, maybe you should just stop reading now. The question becomes just how much are Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi worth?

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There is a recent report from Work and Money that lists the singers with the highest net worth. Our two favorite New Jersey singers both rest comfortably in the top 15.

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Both of these amazing musicians had such huge impacts on the music world, and they are so vastly popular internationally, it is no surprise they are revered in music circles, and it's no surprise they're loaded either.

How Much Are Bon Jovi And Springsteen Worth?

But let's play a little game. Let's imagine these two legendary singers had all their money on the day they were born, and then let's guess what ripe old age they'd live until if they had to spend, let's say, 10,000 dollars a day. In this game, they stay alive until their money runs out.

Jon Bon Jovi would start spending $10,000 a day from the day he was born, which sounds super fun. But how long would it last? Try 123 years before he ran out. He's worth $450 million, making him the 14th richest singer of all time.

Bruce would be dropping $10,000 every day and not run out until he was 178 years old. His net worth is $650 million and he's the 7th richest singer ever.

Get your kids some singing lessons. I mean right now.

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