When you live at the Jersey Shore there are two types of beaches.

The beaches all the visitors go to, and then the beaches that the locals go to. You know, the beaches that we try to keep secret.

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Family Destination Guide surveyed 3,000 families throughout the country and from there named the 100 "hidden beaches" that are most worth the visit.

Three New Jersey beaches made the top 100, and one of them is a bit surprising.

First, let's talk about one beach that is so hidden and remote that you can't get there by vehicle.

Sedge Island is truly one of the Jersey Shore's best-kept secrets in Barnegat Bay near Island Beach State Park.

Once you arrive by boat (which is a ton of fun by the way) you get to enjoy a true Jersey Shore beach with no distractions or attractions.

One of the other New Jersey "secret beaches" that was named tops in America absolutely will have some distractions.

If you're not familiar with Gunnison Beach, it's on the north end of Sandy Hook and is on federal land.

I have nothing wrong with Gunnison Beach. The sand is pristine, the water is beautiful, and it's truly one of Jersey's finest stretches of beach.

You just need to know what to expect before you go.

Gunnison Beach is New Jersey's one and only clothing-optional beach.

When you visit you will find visitors letting it all hang out. You will also see all kinds of people who are clothed and enjoying themselves. As you can see above, there is a 'clothed area."

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