A lot of people are moving out of New Jersey.

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It's not that I don't understand why: cost of living, taxes, pollution, over-crowded, traffic, loud and attitude-filled.

bhofack2, Getty Images
bhofack2, Getty Images

But there are also quite a few reasons why many people have told me it was a mistake to move out of the Garden State.

You have Philly and New York City a short train ride away. There are also beaches, boardwalks and just about every type of food you could ever crave.

But there is nothing like New Jersey pizza or bagels. They fix my soul on a bad day, I swear.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There have been a lot of laughable attempts at New Jersey's superior bagels and some of them out there make me scared for the rest of the world.

Dunkin - you know I love you. I drink your coffee and enjoy your blueberry muffins on the regular.

So knowing your usual standard, I have to ask, "What happened?" I have had solid bagels from your establishments. This is not the Dunkin I know and love.

It's a humongous pet worm.

To New Jersey Dunkins: Thank you for never steeping to this level!

Is this story giving you bagel nightmares?

Here are some other Jersey Shore businesses to help you shake it off:

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