At least for me... Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

One of the biggest debates argued over in New Jersey is the infamous Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham debate.


Try this experiment.

If you are in a room filled with people from New Jersey talking about who knows what, try mentioning, "So, is it Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?"

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The entire room will stop, refocus and let the loud voices and over exaggerated hand gestures begin.

New Jersey star Danny DeVito recently weighed in on this huge debate. Any guesses on which side he took?

Danny DeVito gave the right answer - it's Taylor Ham baby!!!

When I originally watched this interview, I was so ecstatic that such an iconic Garden State figure took my side that I missed something he said afterward.

Do you know what Danny DeVito's favorite Taylor Ham sandwich?

It is out there.

He loves a Taylor Ham, lettuce and mustard sandwich on a roll.

Maybe I can understand the lettuce but mustard and Taylor ham are not two flavors I imagine mixing well.

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Has anyone else out there heard of a breakfast concoction like this? Please email me at if you do because then I stand corrected.

Danny DeVito, for the first time in my life I am doubting you.

Bring me one of these sandwiches and prove me wrong. Until then, you know where I stand.

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