Imagine my surprise as the family is watching an Eagles game this season and we see my little cousin, Erin Holly, on the sidelines!  Well, I guess she’s not so little anymore since working for the Philadelphia Eagles was her post-grad college internship.  What we couldn't have predicted what that she would soon be on her way to the biggest sporting event in the world!

I’m so proud of my cousin, Erin Holly, and if you watched the games, you saw her work firsthand because she was a videographer for the defense all season!  Internships are always a great idea, but this one came with some extra perks, like going to Superbowl LVII!

Yep, the interns were treated like part of the team and they got a free ticket and flight to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  The crazy part is, they flew across the country and back all on the same day, twice.  I suppose it’s nothing a few Red Bulls and being in your 20s can’t fix.

Erin said the experience was pretty epic,

Interning for the Eagles this season has been such a rewarding experience. Even though it wasn’t a paid internship, there were countless benefits and connections I made that made it so worth it. Flying across the country and back in one day was the most chaotic day of my life, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. It was an opportunity of a lifetime.


Here are some photos from inside the big game!  If you have a son or daughter that wants to be next in line for an internship like this, check your college or university either while they are a student or there may be a post-grad opportunity too! Your school's alumni department may have those programs already lined up.  I wanted to pass that along because so many of us think we "missed the boat" on an internship opportunity once graduation day comes, but you can often be eligible for a post-graduation internship as well. 

Behind The Scenes Photos of Superbowl LVII

Erin is a proud grad of La Salle University and she could not have loved the experience more.

I am extremely thankful for the alumni connections that my school has. I hope the people that do this internship after me have the same amazing and memorable experience that I did!

If you ever wondered if the players are nice to the workers and interns, the answer is 100% yes. They treated her wonderfully and encouraged her that whole time. I love hearing that and I'm so proud of my little (not so little) cuz!  The world is waiting for you Erin Holly, go shine like the star that you are!

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