New Jersey is home to a lot of cool history, which makes it such a fun state to live in and learn about.

For example, did you know that the steam locomotive was invented in Jersey? And so were Salt Water Taffy, Boardwalks, The Electric Guitar, and Drive-In Movies?

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You can check out all the cool stuff that was invented in Jersey right here. 

New Jersey's been around for a while, so it's no surprise we're home to a lot of inventions and a lot of firsts.

Jersey was also a key component when it came to mapping out and planning area codes when the Numbering Plan Area was being created.

The Oldest Area Code In America Is Right Here In New Jersey

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Area codes went into effect in 1947, and originally there were 86 original area codes.

For New Jersey, area code 201 was originally used for the entire state, which is hard to imagine now.

But if you live in Bergen or Hunterdon County and your area code is in fact 201, then congratulations, you have the oldest area code in the entire country!

When those original 86 area codes went live, code 201 was the first one to be active.

oldest area codes in america, cool new jersey history
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Area code 201 was also the code that used the country's first Direct Distance Dialing, which means you were able to place a call without using an operator.

We may take phone communications for granted now, with how easily accessible cell phones are but it's pretty cool to live in a state that was integral to the early phone system of America!

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