New Jersey takes real pride in our pizza scene, and let's be honest it's because we have the best pizza spots around.

Whether you want a slice as big as your torso from Sawmill, or a delicious specialty slice from Capone's in Toms River there's no shortage of great pizza places.

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And when Dave Portnoy, El Presidente of Pizza himself swings by the Garden State to grab a slice it's kind of a big deal.

Dave Portnoy, if you don't know is the founder of Barstool Sports and loves to travel the country doing "one-bite reviews" of local pizzerias.

Dave Portnoy Reviews 3 Morris County Pizzerias, And The Results Are In

There are a few solid pizza spots in Morris County, for example, you have Delizia's which is one of the last places in Jersey where you can still get a dollar slice.

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According to Patch, Dave Portnoy stopped by Coniglio's Old Fashioned, Krust Kitchen, and Cage Crevier.

All three pizza spots rated pretty well with Portnoy, who likes to get a single plain slice, and he prefers his pizza thin and crunchy.

Coniglios Old Fashioned, located at 11 South Street in Morristown pulled in an 8.3 overall score.

Krust Kitchen at 7 Cross Street in Madison ranked at 7.3, which still isn't bad.

And Cafe Crevier came out on top with the highest overall score of 8.5.

I always love hearing Dave Portnoy's reviews of Jersey pizza shops, even if I'm not a fan of thin-crust plain pizza his opinion holds a lot of weight in the Garden State.

By the way, Portnoy has spent a lot of time in Jersey.

Every NJ pizza joint Barstool's Dave Portnoy has reviewed

Dave Portnoy, commonly known as El Presidente, is the founder of Barstool Sports. Somewhere along the way, he decided to start reviewing local pizzerias, and the concept took off. Here is every New Jersey pizzeria Dave has stopped in, along with the score he gave them.

Gallery Credit: Joe Votruba

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