❗ Juvenile charged with stabbing another teen over Memorial Day weekend

❗ Authorities say it was a mutual fight

❗ Local officials say the shore town is still safe

OCEAN CITY — A minor is charged with attempted murder after stabbing a teenager on the boardwalk in one of New Jersey's most family-oriented shore towns over Memorial Day weekend, according to authorities.

An unnamed juvenile was arrested in Pleasantville on Tuesday, June 4 and charged with several crimes for the stabbing in Ocean City, according to the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office.

The youth's name cannot be made public because they are a minor. Authorities did not release the suspect's age or gender.

The arrested juvenile is charged with first-degree attempted murder, second-degree aggravated assault, and two weapons offenses.

Ocean City boardwalk stabbing (CBS Philadelphia)
Ocean City boardwalk stabbing (CBS Philadelphia)

Ocean City, NJ boardwalk stabbing was "mutual fight"

According to prosecutors, a group of unruly teens were gathered on the Ocean City boardwalk around 9:15 p.m. Saturday, May 25.

The teenagers then engaged in a "mutual fight," prosecutors said.

The victim, a 15-year-old male, was stabbed in the abdomen. He was hospitalized and was expected to recover.

Investigators talked to witnesses and reviewed surveillance footage to identify their suspect. Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved, Cape May County Prosecutor Jeffrey Sutherland said.

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A group of young people walk peacefully along the boardwalk in Seaside Heights (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)
A group of young people walk peacefully along the boardwalk in Seaside Heights (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

"This cooperative effort underscores our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our community," said Sutherland.

Ocean City officials say shore town is still safe

Sutherland's comments on making sure the shore town is safe echo statements from local officials in the days following the stabbing. Ocean City was one of three shore towns that saw teen chaos over Memorial Day weekend including Seaside Heights and Wildwood.

Bill Campbell, Ocean City's police chief, said last week the stabbing was an isolated incident. There were enough cops on the boardwalk to handle the evening's events, he said.

"We are the safest town and that's why people come here," said Mayor Jay Gillian.

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