Sometimes certain road crews might do something that leaves you scratching your head. Perhaps the plans being used called for certain actions to be taken, only for them to be proven wrong further down the road.

Now I wish I grabbed my own photos of these when they existed, but unfortunately, I didn't have that opportunity. Sometimes these mistakes are corrected so quickly that not many people might have realized they ever existed in the first place.

Before I get into it, I want you to think. Have you ever seen something done by a construction crew along our roads that just left you scratching your head?

Whether it was a sign that made no sense or road striping that got blundered, please feel free to share in the comments what you've seen around the Great Garden State.

Road sign / stop sign

Road sign mistakes

As I mentioned, this first particular blunders only existed for a very short period of time. The road this happened at was recently paved along with new road striping.

Now yes, the road crews did a really nice job and the road looked brand new. However, there was one 4-way intersection where prior to the paving had only one cross road with stop signs. The other crossroad had the right-of-way.

Once the road crews finished paving, they for some reason added a third stop sign to this intersection, making it a 3-way stop at a 4-way intersection.

It seemed really odd and caused confusion at first. But it didn't take long for that third stop sign to get removed, thus returning the intersection to its former setup. You can even see where they scraped the lines off the road.

Road striping / stop sign removed at a New Jersey intersection
Mike Brant TSM

One-way into a stop?

There was another one that dates back to 2013 that Google Maps happened to capture before it was corrected. One day, road crews showed up at this particular intersection to install a stop sign.

Now normally, this wouldn't be a big deal. But when the stop sign is on a one-way road facing the wrong way, it might cause some confusion.

I had a friend who lived in this area at the time. When he saw that stop sign get installed, he decided to drive against the one-way direction simply saying if they're giving him a stop sign, he's going to use it.

Here's that particular spot from back in 2013. Note how there's a one-way sign right there indicating that cars should not be coming up that road to that stop sign.

Confusing road signs
Google Maps

Rotary direction

There was one more I recall in a neighborhood where one of those small rotaries was installed. When they first put it in, they had signs indicating that a circle was up ahead.

Three of the directions were straightforward. But the fourth, however, had something odd about it.

Instead of the sign telling you to go right, it told you to go left. In other words, go clockwise around the circle, not counter-clockwise.

Unfortunately, Google Maps was not able to capture this one when it was up, but here's how that sign was displayed. What could possibly go wrong?

Rotary / Circle road sign to the left / clockwise

What's out there?

Those are just a few examples of road blunders that once existed in the Garden State, but I'm sure there are many more. Fortunately, all of the above examples were corrected fairly quickly.

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