One of the more beloved breakfast joints at the Jersey Shore is a pancake house called Uncle Will’s. It’s been a thing on LBI for nearly 60 years.

Fans will never know how close they may have come to losing what they loved.

It recently changed hands and sometimes when a new person takes over their ego gets in their way and they try to put their personal mark on an operation to show they knew how to do things better. Uncle Will’s has nothing to worry about it as it has fortunately fallen into great hands.

Tom and Maggie’s Stewart ran Will’s since the '90s and recently sold the restaurant to Mark Cohen. If Mark’s name isn’t instantly familiar his resume is. He’s the co-founder and former owner of The Chicken or the Egg in Beach Haven.

“We are excited to carry on the great tradition of Uncle Will’s. We are proud to have been on a very short list of caretakers of this iconic LBI eatery. Our guests can expect the same friendly faces, fast service, the same great pancakes, eggs, and everything else that Will’s has become famous for!” Cohen shared in a post on LBI Foodies Facebook page.

Cohen elaborated to “They've got a well-oiled machine here. People love the menu. Customers have been very clear about their desires to have nothing change, and I'd be foolish to make changes."

If you’ve never been and want to find out what’s made people clamor for them all these years Uncle Will’s is at 3 S. Bay Avenue in Beach Haven, New Jersey.

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