I'm not sure if this means I've got this parenting thing down, or if my kids are just unusual eaters. I will say this, my wife & I don't often like to give in when our kids don't want to eat something for dinner.

Rather than stick with the basics like pizza, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and yes, mac & cheese, we tend to try and go healthier routes during dinner time. But as every parent knows, kids can be incredibly picky and at a certain point, they need to eat something.

And thus, the fallback options come out. Or, as it more or less often is in our house, dinnertime becomes a game of let's make a deal, where they try to make a deal to only eat a portion of the dinner in order to earn a snack afterward.

American mac and cheese

However, because of our push to mix up their meals ever since they were toddlers, we don't have it that bad when it comes to the variety they eat. With that said, it is unusual to turn down mac and cheese... a classic for kids everywhere... for something like, say, raw broccoli.

But that's exactly what my kids recently did. It was one of those lazier Sunday nights where we just wanted to wind down and keep it easy.

However, the kids preferred raw vegetables and ate them instead of mac and cheese. Wait, what? What kid does that?

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

I will say that growing up, I always kept the kids involved with our garden. Even today, they have their own garden sections in the yard and grow their own food, so I truly believe that's part reason why they love to eat raw veggies.

So I'm not complaining about that. In fact, we're really lucky they do eat their vegetables. The bigger question is, what kid in their right mind turns down mac and cheese?

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