SANDYSTON — A 61-year-old man’s body has been recovered from a Sussex County lake after authorities spent days looking for any closure, according to

The outlet was able to confirm with New Jersey State Police that just after 6 p.m. Friday, James Lee, of Sandyston, fell off his paddleboard while at Kittatinny Lake.

Initial search efforts began Friday and resumed over the weekend. It wasn’t until Sunday morning that Lee’s body was found, Sgt. Jeffrey Lebron told

New Jersey 101.5 reached out to New Jersey State Police for more details.

Paddleboard Safety

As with any water activity, safety can’t be overlooked while in the water.

If looking to take up paddleboarding, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution says to go with a friend whenever possible, develop skills through formal instruction first and know the environment’s hazards before stepping into the water.

The institution also recommends wearing the proper leash so the board can’t drift off on its own. If the user falls off the board and is in trouble, it can then act as a temporary floatation device until help arrives.

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