A man on Reddit is feeling frustrated after his girlfriend asked him to buy her expensive concert tickets even though she has no job.

He explained in a post that the couple just moved in together five months ago and he decided to upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment, thinking that his girlfriend would find a job and help with the bills.

"It's been 5 months and she hasn't secured a job because she's picky and won't work retail, grocery store, fast food, or basically anything involving customer service..." he said.

He added that she does DoorDash occasionally, but only if he tags along for safety.

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"There's a concert coming up that she really wants to go to, but she doesn't have money for tickets. The tickets are $490, which I can afford, but I don't want to for a couple reasons," he explained.

"1. She hasn't gotten a job and it feels like she isn't being serious about getting one. 2. I now pay almost 50% more rent for our new apartment. 3. We recently procured some medical bills (both of us had a visit to the hospital recently), now we have $1500 of medical debt," he shared.

"She's all up in arms about this now. Blaming me that she'll miss the last performance of this artist," he said.

The man revealed that he held his ground and told her he planned on saving his money for medical bills and a future house.

After Reddit users encouraged the man to dump his girlfriend or kick her out of the apartment, he added to his original post.

"I'm seeing a general consensus to either breakup, kick her out, or give her a deadline. I will consider these, and I definitely see how this is a major red flag now," he said.

However, he provided more context into the situation and the reason for his girlfriend's joblessness.

"Something I forgot to mention is she lived in another state before moving in with me. So she had to quit her job. She's never had an issue with holding a job, but getting one seems to be the problem here, especially with how picky she is," he revealed.

"Good for you for being responsible with your money. As long as you keep paying for things, she has no incentive to get a job. FYI - it is not going to get better once you are married," one commenter said.

"She doesn’t need to go to a concert, she needs to go to Indeed. If she really wants to go she can take out a loan and get a job," someone else said.

"We had a good talk about this. She's going to get a temporary retail/customer service job until she can secure a desired job. She doesn't want to be a mooch and she admittedly told me she was just scared to go back to customer service," the man wrote in another update.

He added that they agreed on a deadline of July and that she "understood" why he didn't want to pay for the tickets, especially since she planned on going with a friend.

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