A man landed in hot water with his wife after he bluntly told her their kids like him more than her.

"My wife has been complaining recently that our kids always seem to prefer spending time with me over her. They never go to her for anything they need, it's always me," the dad wrote on Reddit.

He told her that their kids like him more because he spends "more time with them than she does."

"She stated that I don't so I broke it down for her just point blank. Both kids are young and need parental supervision for everything. They wake between 5:30 and 6AM. I am the one who gets up with them every single morning. Wife gets up at 7:30AM weekdays and about 9AM weekends. Low end, that's 13.5 hours I spend more with them," the man explained.

He also noted he gives them baths and puts them to bed each night.

"Wife also says she gets stressed/touched out a lot. I often take the kids with me to the supermarket or to the park or something to let her have a long bath in peace or an afternoon nap. Probably around 3.5 hours a week if we also add in that I'm the one who also takes kids to all extracurricular [activities] and picks them up," he added.

The man also explained he actually enjoys spending time with their kids, while his wife never spends any alone time with them.

"I just feel that she can't complain that the kids don't want to spend time with her when she spends proportionally so much less of her time with them," he concluded.

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Users comforted the dad in the comments section.

"Spending time isn't the only factor though, it's what you do with your time. My dad worked away from home all week, only coming home late on Friday and leaving on Sunday night, yet was the favorite parent of all three of us kids," one person wrote.

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Kids just want to feel wanted. It's not that hard, although it's extremely hard for parents to grasp. It's just like this dad: 'I genuinely enjoy my time with them.' Kids know that," another commented.

Others offered compassion toward the wife.

"I think your wife should be screened for depression," someone suggested.

"I love my kids so much, but I struggle a lot with mental health and I have to just recognize that and push through. I'm actually really interested in having his wife's perspective on life, honestly," another shared.

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