A Chick-fil-A worker is going viral after refusing to pay for an expensive work uniform jacket.

The young employee went viral on TikTok after filming himself "freezing" outside wearing a short-sleeved top while working a recent shift because he "reused to spend $60 for a uniform work jacket."

The worker claims the Chick-fil-A he works at "left [him] outside for [three] hours" with no jacket to keep warm.

Watch below:

In the comments section, viewers were astonished that Chick-fil-A would allegedly allow an employee to work outside in cold conditions without a jacket.

"They don’t give you guys jackets to borrow?" one person wrote.

"They don’t let you wear a different jacket?" another commented, to which the employee replied, "NO BRO."

"Companies who require you to be outside should provide you with a jacket," someone else chimed in.

"Bro, I'm mad for you! The uniform should be provided for free," another viewer wrote.

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In another TikTok video, YourTango provided more insight into the wages of Chick-fil-A employees in the U.S.

According to YourTango, "Chick-fil-A's average worker pay $13.06 per hour, which means that a worker would have to work over four and a half hours to even be able to buy this jacket ... Based on cost-of-living data for every state in the USA, a full-time Chick-fil-A employee wouldn't even make the bare minimum to get by."

In the comments section, employees from other companies shared their own similar experiences.

"Tractor Supply is the same. I got in trouble because I was wearing a beanie that didn't say Tractor Supply," one user wrote.

"When I worked at Culver's as a teen, I asked for a jacket [because] I was running orders outside in [Wisconsin] winter and they flat-out denied the request," another shared.

"When I worked for Hilton we had to wear Hilton-branded only. $65 for a thin windbreaker that did nothing," someone else commented.

Chick-fil-A has not responded to the viral employee's claims as of publishing.

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