A few weeks ago we asked if you thought that the picture above was an actual mummified alien, as some were claiming. 

88% of you voted "No".

Now, it seems like science agrees, although it doesn't totally clear up the whole story.

Scientists who had a chance to run DNA tests on samples of the 6 inch long figure say that it actually contains human DNA. They're also theorizing that it is not simply a mummified fetus, but an actual fully formed human.

Which, if you ask me, kind of presents more questions than it actually answers.

I figured that the whole thing would be exposed as a hoax and that would be that. But I certainly wasn't expecting reports to say that not only is it in fact biological remains, but it's human biological remains. Weird.

Read the whole story (and check out some rather disturbing pictures) by clicking over to the Huffington Post here.

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