I saw a video clip over the weekend that showed a dog in a body of water that suddenly jumped up and ran out of the water as if he was terribly spooked.  The caption said something like "This is what I look like after feeling seaweed touch my leg."

I laughed out loud.  Then I breathed a sigh of relief because apparently I'm not the only one who gets spooked by seaweed.  I know it's kind of ridiculous!  Seaweed belongs in the ocean.  It's had a right to be there long before I moved to the Jersey Shore!

As I see it, the only options are to learn to tolerate the icky feeling or NOT go in the water.  That second possibility is not really an option.  I won't let this silly fear prevent me from enjoying one of the best things about summer at the Jersey Shore.

And it's not even a fear of seaweed, really.  If I had to analyze myself, I'd guess that it's a fear of something that's potentially more harmful than a plant.  Even though my rational mind knows the feeling of kelp wrapping around my leg or arm, my irrational mind reacts as if it could be a jellyfish or a shark.   That's why I squeal and flail my arms and have a momentary freakout.

Now that I've just bared my soul to all of you, can some of you please tell me that you struggle with seaweed too?  And if you've gotten over your squeamishness, how did you do it?  Please share in the Comments section below.

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