In today's age of hyper connected singles, you'd think that every dating strategy has already been tried - blind dates, speed dating, online dating, dating apps, etc. But Virgin America is bringing a new meaning to "The Friendly Skies".

If you've flown Virgin America before, you already know that the inside of the planes already resemble a low key lounge with mood lighting and ambient music, so I guess it's a natural extension to add mile high flirting to the experience.

They'll be offering a new option to their already swanky in-seat ordering system where you can send a drink or a meal to someone in a different seat.

Remember that cutie who you noticed sitting in 12A when you were struggling to stuff your bag into the overheat bin (and probably displaying your armpit stains to everyone around)? Well, send her a drink while you're over Niagra Falls!

I mean hey, if you're going to be stuck in tight surroundings with a bunch of strangers for a couple hours, you might as well make some new friends, right?

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