I just heard about something called a Prom Draw.  There's a school that each year puts students names in those bingo game type barrels, then randomly matches males with females.  The boys are in one room where they blindly pull a name from the barrel.  Then they go into the room where the girls are waiting and identify themselves as their prom dates.  I have a mixed reaction to this so I'd love to get your opinions.

On the one hand I think this is a great thing for shy or less popular students.  To give everyone the opportunity to go to prom is a good thing.  The teen years are hard enough without feeling prom-induced insecurity or rejection.  This Prom Draw levels the playing field and I like that.

But is it fair to those students who are in an actual relationship?  I was lucky to have been dating a guy (who was a good dancer!) in my senior year.  Naturally, we went to my prom and his prom together.  I think it would have been strange to have been forced to be someone else's date.  How would it feel to see your guy/gal posing for formal pictures with another person?

The school which does the Prom Draw has been doing it for decades.  Apparently each year the students are given the choice to do it or not and they keep voting in its favor.  The tradition continues there.  It apparently fosters bonds between all students so that everyone has a good time.  And of course, prom-goers are free to mingle and dance with other friends during the night.

Would you like to see Prom Draw done at Ocean County schools?  What do you think are the pros and cons?  Please share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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