As I get older, I find it funny because I always used to laugh at Mom and Dad when they woke up or got up slowly and they would always say, "Just you wait"!  Yep, it's happening, I'm stiff when I get up and on damp days and I can feel my muscles moving slow and certain ones hurt.  But I found this great place with Dr. Rob and his crew and I'm heading over there tomorrow!  Thompson Healthcare and Sports Medicine in Lacey and Toms River.

If you have a nagging pain that you did not have before, or is your back stiff every morning so that you can hardly bend over and tie your don't have to feel this way anymore text "Painless" to 89000 for a free MRI Consultation.  You don't have to live with pain!

Once again text "Painless" to 89000 for a free MRI Consultation, a $120 value!

Some of their services include--Massage, Nutrition, Chiropractic, Acute & Chronic Pain, and so many more services to provide you with.

They will help you with whatever your pain might be, even if you don't have pain they can help you in so many them today:

Lacey location (Lanoka Harbor) (609) 971-3500

Toms River location (732) 281-3200

 Or JUST TEXT "Painless" to 89000