What kid doesn't love ice cream? Heck, I'm not a kid and I love ice cream! But here we're talking about how kids with good safety practices can end up with free ice cream courtesy of the Toms River Police Department.

Starting today, June 22nd, it's the third annual "Operation Brain Freeze".

Here's how it works: Toms River Police officers out on patrol will be supplied with coupons for free ice cream from a number of local ice cream shops. When they see youngsters properly wearing helmets when riding their bikes, rollerblades, scooters, or skateboards, the kid may be rewarded with a voucher for a free frozen treat.

Participating dessert shops include; Yellow Brick Road, Summer Sweets, Barnacle Bill's, Mrs. Walker's, Rita's, Dairy Queen, and Denae's Sweet Shop.

Of course, it's all in an effort to encourage kids to protect themselves while riding, and cut down on traumatic brain injury accidents, and if that can result in a free ice cream cone in your kid's hand, it's a win-win for all!

"Operation Brain Freeze" runs from June 22nd to September 4th.


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