While the world watches and waits with bated breath for April, a giraffe at a zoo in Upstate New York, to give birth, we have our very own baby giraffes right here in Ocean County that you'll be able to visit in person soon!

There's been a bit of a baby boom over the last few months at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson.

We've got some adorable baby tigers, and now we have a trio of baby giraffes.

The giraffe baby boom started last August when the park's Noel gave birth to "Charly". Then in November, Priscilla welcomed "Eddie" into the world, and just a few weeks ago, Georgia had her very own warrior princess, "Xena".

The crew over at Great Adventure shot this adorable video of a first voyage outside for one of the babies:


You can visit all of the giraffes for yourself at Six Flags Great Adventure's Safari Off Road Adventure starting April 1st!


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