As cell phones get more advanced, they also get more delicate.

In the old days of flip phones, the screen was basically protected by the ear piece flipping over to cover it. But today, with iPhones and Androids with increasingly larger glass screens, there are a lot of options to protect your investment.

Some people like the big bulky cases that you can basically run over with a car and it'll still come out the other side unscathed. Some people go more for fashion over protection. And some people don't bother at all and just let their device take whatever lumps it may take through daily use.

Personally, part of the appeal of iPhones to me is the sleek design, and I don't want to obscure that with a case. For my last phone, and the new iPhone 5 that I just bought, I've opted to go with simple protective skins, one to protect the screen, and one to protect the new aluminum back (which is already getting called out for easily scratching).

So what about you, do you go for the tough as nails but bulky cases, not bother with protection, or somewhere in between? Leave a comment below and let us know!