Ocean County is the first county in New Jersey to extend Narcan availability and training to school nurses as a matter of policy. So how do you feel about the heroin overdose antidote being used in your school?

Some feel the heroin epidemic has become so bad in Ocean County that it's necessary because kids are overdosing right in school, while others feel it's possibly a free pass to use drugs and taxpayers will provide a safety net.  Are we saving or enabling?

A recent story posted by our News Director Tom Mongelli, cites how "County and local law enforcement successfully revived 129 overdose victims between Narcan’s introduction in April 2014 to the end of that year. There were 272 revivals in 2015 and, so far this year, 445 reversals".

We'll discuss poll results Monday on the Morning Show with Shawn & Sue...

So how do you feel? Do you want Narcan in your kids school?

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