There have been so many movie remakes, "reboots", and rehashes lately that it's gotten difficult to keep track. I could write a whole article on the superhero reboots alone (Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman have all either had their origins re-told recently or are due for a new crack at movie goers soon).

But what do you think of the sheer volume of movie remakes that have been coming out of Hollywood? Have they basically just run out of ideas?

Sure, some remakes can be good, The Dark Knight series has been an epic retelling of the Batman legend, but others risk ruining the legacy of the original.

All that being said, one of the most beloved movies of all time is coming out with an "official sequel". While A Christmas Story 2 isn't strictly a remake, it says that it picks up a few years after the original, it looks like they're more or less just rehashing the gags from the original (the leg lamp is back, the embarrassing Christmas morning outfit, etc).

When it comes to well loved movies, should they just be left alone, or do you think a re-do every now and again can be a good thing? Vote below, then check out the trailer for A Christmas Story 2 after the poll!