TUCKERTON — An exploding hot dog trailer rattled this Jersey Shore borough early Saturday morning in a blast that was heard for miles.

The explosion was blamed on propane from tanks, which the man who operates the stand left on overnight, officials said.

The Tuckerton Fire Department said the Fuggettoboutit Lunch Wagon at the corner of North Green Street and Railroad Avenue (Route 539) was destroyed by the blast at 4:45 a.m.

Debris damaged several homes in the area and blew out windows.

There was no fire and no injuries were reported.

Robert Felicino, who rents the trailer from its owner, told investigators from the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office that he doesn't turn off the propane tanks at night.

Felicino said the trailer was inspected this week by local health officials.

Investigators determined the cause of the explosion was accidental.

The trailer was located opposite a pre-school. The business was a fixture at that location for six years.

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