Shawn Michaels

This edition of "Hiking New Jersey" found April and I heading north to beautiful Sussex County and High Point State Park. High Point is just that, the highest point (elevation) in the Garden State. High Point sits just above 1,800 feet.

High Point State Park is a beautiful park and has numerous trails for hiking, the veterans monument and lakes for swimming during summer.

The trails are various length and intensity. We did the "Iris Trail" which was about approximately 5 miles and was not too difficult. Some elevated spots and lot of rocks in those ankles. The trail was wide, which i like. The parks trails also cross and mingle with the historic "Appalachian Trail" so hikers get a chance to say they have hiked the famous trail....if only for a few miles.

Sussex County is a drive from Ocean County, about 2 1/2 hours by car and well worth visiting during Autumn because of the beautiful colors of the area. Even though color has not really popped out here in Ocean County, it has in this neck of the woods and we loved the drive to and from High Point.

This park has something for everyone and has lots of visitors. I put High Point on the "must visit" list for Garden State hikers .... enjoy my video and a look at this beautiful New Jersey park.