Hi, I'm T.  Sue's my Mommy.  So I have to thank you Mommy and Daddy's for all of the ideas where my family can take me for a walk and where I can meet new friends.  The Ocean County Dog park was such a fun place.

There were lots of dogs there running around.  When i first got there, I howled.  Yep I'm a howler.  Nope not just a howler but a HUGE howler.  My knees were tired when I was done playing.

So to me there's nothing better than human hugs.  Do you know what human hugs do for me and other dog friends.  It gives us confidence that we are good dogs, it keeps our hearts healthy and makes us feel good all over.  So I wanted to take this time in my blog to say, "Thank you for loving your pets." 

Hmmmmm...I was wondering do you know why the top of my ears have been warm, but the tips of my ears are cold.  Because I'm 10, do you think I have bad circulation.  I am 70 in human life. 

Hug your pets and we definetely hear you saying, " I love you, good girl."

Until I write again...my tail's a wagging!

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