Modern technology has put people in space, cured disease and invented fantastic technology, but are we ready to drink toilet water?

In a recent news article we learned that engineers say we already have the technology to recycle toilet water, but just because when can ... should we? According to Stevens Institute of Technology Environmental Engineer Professor David Vaccari a "biological treatment would be utilized using bacteria to remove and biodegrade the contaminent" along with other treatments to finish the process. The process could also use shower water and dishwater to recycle into drinking water.

This may be a ways off, but the idea of drinking toilet water just isn't for me. No matter what the treatment might do I just can't imagine drinking toilet water. There isn't enough chemical recycling that can clean toilet water into something I wanna ingest....Can you just see your Family saying "wow this is really crappy water" Well this has turned into more of an Op-Ed piece at this point but you get my point, hopefully this piece doesn't go down the drain! Ok seriously I'm done

How do you feel about it? Would you drink toilet water?





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