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It has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Nothing. It has to do with the 'R' next to his name. I apologize to all of my Republican friends out there. Still, it is highly unlikely that Trump or any other Republican candidate for president will ever take New Jersey and her fourteen electoral votes.

The last time New Jersey went for a Republican president was back in 1988, when the state narrowly, and I mean barely, went to George H.W. Bush over Michael Dukakis.

Most of the time, pollsters don't even look at New Jersey during a significant election unless a senate seat is up for grabs, but even then, it seems to always be in the bag for a running Democrat.

But WAIT! What about all of those Trump Merchandise stands that we see along Route 9 in Ocean County?!

I was scratching my head when the White House sued the Murphy Administration for making the election an all-mail and provisional process. This is great for the Trump and the republicans registered in New Jersey that did not want to take the time to vote because they knew the state always has gone for a democrat.

While I believe that Joe Biden will take New Jersey and most states in the northeast, we will see republican margins never like before in the Garden State. I also believe that house candidates like Andy Kim need to worry about their reelection chances.

Look, I am not saying that the president can't eke out a win here in New Jersey. It seems like everywhere I look, I see a Trump flag. Unfortunately for Republicans, since the Millenium turn, New Jersey has always been a safely blue state.

What do you think? Does President Trump have a chance to win New Jersey? Let us know, civilly, in the comments section below!

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