I remain perplexed as to why so many businesses can’t find help, a situation that began during the height of the pandemic but shows no end in sight.  If you believe the unemployment rate is very low (which I somewhat doubt) then you would assume that people are working but yet companies are desperately looking to fill jobs.

Some might say that the jobs that are open are service positions that are not filled in part because of concerns over COVID.  For example many restaurants are desperately seeking cooks, waiters/waitresses, bartenders and more.  Quite a few are so short-handed they had to close one day a week, even those that are in areas that depend on summer tourism.

However the need for workers is certainly not limited to the service industry as I have seen ads for many different ones offering signing bonuses, willingness to train, higher salaries…you name it.  As one business owner told me not too long ago…”I’m not even looking for good workers, just bodies to fill positions.”  That’s what it’s come down to.  Also when a job is advertised some of the applicants when contacted don’t return calls or make an appointment for an interview and never show up.

Where I’m perplexed is wondering where did the workers go?  I have heard that many who graduated college in the last 5 years or so are not in a rush to enter the workforce.  Some might take part-time jobs and are fine with moving from one to another, traveling or if they can living off credit cards.

I am sure COVID made many completely re-think their priorities in life…it has certainly reshaped the job landscape with more and more working virtually which has a number of benefits for both employee and employer.  Of course there are careers in which you can’t work virtually and those might be the ones struggling the most to find workers.

No matter what it’s a problem that does not seem to have an answer.


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