The headline is a bit of a rhetorical question. We've all helped ourselves to little things from hotel rooms. It's just a question of how far have you gone with stuffing your suitcase on your way out of town?

We've likely all helped ourselves to the toiletries - the convenient little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and the handy travel soap.

I mean hey, when I stayed at Disney's Grand Floridian, they had great, full sized bars of fancy soap that I helped myself to.

And, in my defense, most hoteliers say that "toiletries are fair game". So help yourself to those goodies on the bathroom counter.

It's the other amenities that toe the line between being a souvenir and possession of stolen goods.

Those nice Egyptian cotton towels at the fancy hotels. Maybe you checked in to find a fluffy bath robe waiting for you.

This is where it tends to become a grey area. Most places will tolerate the loss of a towel or two. The bath robes can be a little on the questionable side - if they sell them in the gift shop, the ones in the room aren't yours for the taking.

When we start to talk about pillows, wooden hangers, and hair dryers - yeah, that's a straight up misdemeanor.

Try to stuff a feather comforter or clock radio into your carry-on and the cops may be meeting you at the airport.

So, be honest, do you pilfer from hotel rooms? As always, the voting is anonymous, so don't be shy!

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