Tonight is the next big Presidential debate "round two" and it will possibly be the most brutal confrontation between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This election has turned out to be more about personality and less about policy. After this past weekend of the worst "he said - she said" I can honestly say I've had enough. Lets just vote, declare a winner and move on. Choose who you feel is the lesser of two evils and hope for the best. After this election politics has definitely cornered the market on "dirty" with both sides slinging mud everywhere!

On Monday's breakfast show we are gonna skip all that drama and just talk about you the listener.

  • Have you had enough ?
  • Sick of seeing nothing but politics on TV
  • Tired of people at work discussing
  • Unfriending people on social media who can't stop making political posts
  • Lost confidence in politicians
  • Tired of biased TV News media

Let us know if this is YOU ! and how your feeling with just about 3 weeks til election day!


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