#PoorHarry! The strapping lads of One Direction are best known for their sweet, sweet harmonies, boyish good looks and goofy banter — but as far as their ability to defy gravity? Mmm...maybe not so great.

We all know that the guys have had their fair share of on-stage injuries in the past, and unfortunately, it was PopCrush Approved Beach Hunk Harry Styles who was fated to take a tumble — yet again — while performing in San Diego on their On The Road Again Tour last evening.

The troupe was in the middle of performing "Through The Dark" when Harry decided to do some fist pumps and drag the mic stand across the stage. Sadly, the mic stand didn't totally want to comply and, with the grace of a baby giraffe learning to walk on its legs for the first time, the young heartthrob went tragically tumbling down to the ground to the sound of an arena full of shrieking teens. Oof! It's so bad — and yet, it's so good. (Watch the Vine above over and over and over again, which we definitely haven't been doing all morning.)

After the performance wrapped up, Liam asked his bandmate how he was doing. "Physically, I'm fine...emotionally, I'm bruised," Harry revealed. "If anyone had a video of that...just delete it!" he joked after the spill. "All of you!" A valiant attempt on Harry's part, sure, but that messy spill was definitely uploading on Vine before he even hit the ground. Watch his reaction to the spill down below — and just for good measure, a little Vine full of his many slips and tumbles.

Oh, Harry. What are we going to do with you? Well. Maybe buy you a pair of shoes with a better grip, for starters...

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