...or is it, Administrative Assistance Day or Administrative Professional's Day?  Either way, we thank you so much for all you do.  This goes out to our girl Joyce!

WOBM's Joyce (Katie North, Townsquare Media NJ)

She's the little voice you hear when you call us here at the office at WOBM.  She's the smile you see when you come to the office and get your prizes!  She does so much around the office.  I hear all day, "Joyce can you do this"?  "Joyce can you fix the copier"?  "Joyce can you do that?"  And she does it all with a smile, maybe a little roll of the her eye, but she does it and she's the BEST!

Townsquare Media wouldn't be the same without her!

Joyce, you're loved!  And today I say, "Thank You", and I'm sure the rest of our co-workers would say the same!

Add a shout-out to your Administrative Assistant in the comments below! How are you thanking your Administrative Assistant?