Speaking from a Mom's point of view, there's nothing better then being a Mommy to my Abby...it comes with happiness, tears, worries, embarassing moments that make me laugh and most of all love!

My Mom, thank goodness and I'm blessed she's still a part of our lives, is the glue to our family.  Although a constant worrier, still the strength of everything.  She's the strongest person I know.  She's been so much with illnesses, car accidents and everything in between and still manages to do it with a smile on her face.  Mom's taught me about love and forgiveness.  I call Mom everyday to just say, "I love you".  My day wouldn't be complete without that.  She's my biggest fan and I can't imagine life without her!  She's an inspiration and a light on the darker days.  You are the BEST Momma and Nanny in the world! 

Happy Mother's Day...Maybe an I love you to your Mom or just a simple Thank You!  Share your love for your Mom with us!  Call us 732 - 237 - WOBM or leave your comment!